Mastering Studio IO – André Masterati

Your studio service for professional audio mixing and mastering.

Mastering Studio IO is your mixing and mastering service in Dresden with a worldwide online service. Mixing & Mastering Engineer André Masterati founded Mastering Studio IO in 2021, after he managed a recording studio complex in Cologne and worked there as a mastering engineer.

André Masterati has 11 years of experience in all genres and facets of music production and has also worked in the management of a large music streaming service. In addition to the Mastering Studio IO, André now runs the Audiosteps tutorial platform and is known for his work as the Studio One Captain.

In addition to the best possible sound experience, the most important thing for André is the satisfied customer.

Major & Local Music

We mix and master for big major labels and we put the same effort into independent music.

Client App

Using our app, you can easily order your online mixing and mastering service, securely upload your files to our own cloud and have an overview of our project management at all times.

Modern mastering service

  • Streaming Ready Master
  • Apple Digital Masters (Official Provider)
  • YouTube Ready Master
  • Netflix Ready Master (Official Provider)


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