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Audio Mastering Service

Professional audio mixing and mastering studio based in Dresden, Germanywith worldwide online services.

Audio Mastering is the final step in music production before a song or album is released on CD or digitally. It ensures that your production is optimally translated on all playback devices and media. During mastering, the tracks are aligned with one another so that an album or EP has a good overall impression when listening through completely. Weaknesses in certain areas of the individual songs are corrected and the strengths of your mix are highlighted. Fade In and Fade Out are set, the titles are edited and adapted to the medium (vinyl, CD, iTunes, YouTube) on which it is to be published later. Our studios specialize in mastering with worldwide online service. In addition to high-quality analog equipment and acoustically optimized recording studios, our engineer André “Masterati” has years of experience in professional music production and feels at home in almost all genres.

In Online Mastering Service, contact with customers is just as important to us. Together we try to find the best way to make your music sound competitive and exactly according to your vision.
Your songs will be mastered by André in the online service with the same effort, equipment and love, as if you were with us in the studio!

Booking & Rates

You can book your online mastering session via our customer access. Upload your files securely and view the current status in project management.Each master contains a mix check, a revision and an optimized version for digital distribution (streaming ready))

Stereo Mastering per song|€75 | €65 | €60 booking
Stem Mastering per song|€115.00 | €100.00 booking
+ Extra Cycle per cycle|€25.00
+ Apple Digital Masters per song|€15.00
+ YouTube Ready Master per song|€10.00
+ DDP Image per project|€35.00
+ MP3 oder AAC per song|€3.00
+ Express Master pro project|+30% | +15%
Vinyl / Tape Restauration per project request
Audio Restauration per project request
Post Production Mastering per project request

*All prices without VAT. Payment in advance via bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.


Do you have any questions about our mastering services? Let us know!

Our Services

Stereo Mastering

Stereo mastering means your mix is mastered as a sum. This is the classic mastering method, but requires a clean mix in order to achieve an optimal result later. You will be happy to receive a free mix check from us after booking.

Stem Mastering

Stems are individual groups such as guitars, vocals, drums and bass, each as a combined audio track. This type of mastering gives us the opportunity to dive more deeply in your mix if necessary.

Streaming Ready

For each project, we create a “streaming ready” version that is technically optimized for the streaming services. This ensures that your songs are optimally translated on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Co.

Apple Digital Masters

We are an official Apple provider for Apple Digital Masters (formerly Mastered for iTunes). On request, we can create a master optimized for iTunes, which is awarded the Apple Digital Masters rating in the iTunes Store.

Post Production Mastering

We will be happy to adapt the TV standard EBU R128 and ATSC A / 85 for the DCP (Digital Cinema Package) and Netflix Ready for your film sound mix.

Audio Restoration

We surgically remove noise and hum, unwanted background noise or hiss from your audio material.

CD Audio & DDP Image

In order to have your project pressed on CD , you need a DDP image or a CD according to the Redbook standard. This contains your finished master with all information such as title names, EAN and ISRC code and pauses.

Free Digital Distribution

Through our partner Spinnup – a division of Universal Music, you can publish your single and EP releases for free in the first year through their digital distribution. You save up to EUR 19.90 on the annual fee and receive 100% of the income.

Vinyl & Tape Restauration

Compensation of wow and flutter in vinyl and tapes using Celemony Capstan.


What is a Streaming Ready Master? / What does Streaming Ready mean?

After the masters have been delivered to the various streaming services by digital distribution, they are converted into an audio codec file format. Due to the mostly inferior formats, phase shifts occur during coding. This leads to higher level peaks in your audio material.

For each master we also create a streaming ready master. We simulate the coding process of various streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. By checking the artifacts, we ensure that clippings and distortions do not occur later.

Does a master on -14 LUFS make sense?

No. There are several reasons why it makes no sense to master your songs for streaming services on -14 LUFS. Each streaming service has its own standard for normalization. In most cases, the loudness average (integrated)  of the master is calculated and the volume is reduced to a target value. This has no influence on the sound properties. Normalization is only an option for most streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer. If you deliver a master on -14 LUFS and the consumer has deactivated this option, the competition will play much louder than your delivered master. There is also a great misconception that Spotify normalizes to -14 LUFS. Spotify complies with the ReplayGain specifications and adds + 3dB.

How long does it take to finish the master?

That always depends on the current order situation and the project itself. Usually we need between 4 and 10 days for completion. In the autumn and winter months, the order situation is usually extremely high. In general, we recommend booking a mastering as soon as a delivery date is foreseeable. If project planning allows, we offer express masters within 24 hours or up to 72 hours. We charge a surcharge of 15% – 30% for this.

Mastering Studio IO Client App

In order to optimize the processes in online mastering for our customers and the studio operation, we have developed our own customer and project management. You can do the following via the customer access of the Mastering Studio IO app:

Create mastering orders

Upload files without limit

Share the final mix & master with band and team members

Download mixing & mastering orders at any time

View, download and pay invoices

View, download, agree or reject offers

View project status

Opportunity to give feedback on every title