Audio Mixing with worldwide online services

– Definition, spatiality and balance of your songs.

Mixing is the step after recording and arranging.

Mixing your songs is about adjusting the volume of your tracks, creating space, repairing deficits and making sure that the individual instruments and vocals harmonize together to form a song.

Our years of experience in most genres, the passion for music, high-quality software and hardware in acoustically optimized recording studios ensure that your songs can keep up with everything else in terms of sound.

Not to be confused with mastering, all individual tracks of the song are processed during the mixing stage, while only the final stereo mix is processed during mastering.

Booking & Rates

Since each project is very individual, it is difficult to give fixed prices for a mixing service.
In general, the more titles a project has, the lower the price per song.


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Our Mixing Services

Music Mixdown

Get your songs mixed professionally. Our two engineers André Masterati and Christian Nellens and Moritz Baumert each offer 10 years of experience in all genres such as Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, House, EDM and Folk.

Movie & Broadcast Sound 2.0

Movie sound mixes in EBU R128, ATSC A / 85 and Netflix Ready for series, feature films, advertising, documentaries, podcasts, creator content and audio books.

Audio Editing

Your song still needs to be edited? No problem. We do the cutting, cleaning and alignment for you.

Pitch Correction

With Auto-Tune and Melodyne, we make pitch corrections for vocals and instruments or provide the modern auto-tune effect in Hip Hop, Trap and EDM productions.

Rhytm Correction

With rhythm correction, we take care of the corrections for the rhythm section and take care of microtiming.


Would you like to have a programmed drum set recorded live or a recorded drum set professionally programmed? We take care of any overdubs you want.